ANGEL LIVE Membership Terms


This agreement as used by our company REAS Corporation and is located on our Angel Live website, it contains the terms for our video chat, broadcasting, and receiving content services which all those who utilize must follow.
Our users agree to all of the provisions listed below and therefore are allowed to use our services.
Those who use our site must be of the proper legal age, those that do not meet the minimum requirement of 18 year or older are restricted access to our services.

1) Changes in the agreement
  1. Our company may make minor changes to the rules and regulation sections of the agreement displayed on our Angel Live website.
  2. Our company may at any time without the consent of our customer make changes in the payment requirements which take effect immediately.
2) Requirements and Compliance
  1. Those 18 years of age and younger may not utilize our services.
  2. Upon reviewing an application our company will approve usage for our services.
  3. For any of the following reasons our company may reject an application or ban a member.
    • An application is submitted containing mistakes or false information.
    • It is discovered applicant's previous account was banned their application.
    • A member cancels or denies a processed pending transaction.
    • A member credit card company stops their card or their bank account is closed.
    • A applicant does not meet the minimal age requirement.
    • Other reasons, such as a member is using the account for reasons deemed inappropriate.
3) Member registration
  1. Once a member acknowledges the agreement they can register their address, name, age, and other personal information.
  2. In the case our company mistakenly deletes or loses a member's email they are still responsible for due payments.
4) Password management and responsibilities
  1. Members are not allowed to share their obtained login ID or password with any third party users.
  2. Members in regards to their received passwords and logins are responsible entirely for payments made with their account.
  3. If a third party obtains a member's ID or password via hacking or a leakage of information, our company will not be held liable for any reason.
5) Registered information changes
  1. In the case a member need to report a change in their address or name please contact our company immediately, however if a member wants to change their registered email or member ID they must directly contact our company and discuss the terms upon which a judgment will be made.
  2. If there are unfinished request for changes in an application we will contact the member and send the documents, until the documents arrive we will use the current registered information as a mean of contacting the member.
6) Requested Withdrawals
  1. If a member request to withdraw from the site, upon receiving a request about the matter our company will pay out the remaining balance.
  2. Any money previously paid will not be returned as well as all remaining points. There will be no exchange for remaining into cash. Once a request to withdraw from a site a been processed it cannot be undone.
7) Equipment

In order for member to use our services they must supply themselves with all the necessary equipment.

8) Charges and Points
  1. Our charges and payment methods are under a special agreement and therefore each method is handeled by a different company as displayed on our site, fees will be based on different provisions.
  2. Member are responsible for paying all fees and taxes for transactions. In the case of bank transfer, members are still required to pay any fees for the given transactions.
  3. Our services each require a specific amount of points that members must pay in order to use them. Once the points are purchased no exchange and refunds can be made.
  4. Points deduction are made based on the following actions. Upon logging-in once a member enters a room points will being to be deducted, the deductions are made in one minute increments. Actions such as sending point gifts and sending messages via cell phone or smart phones will had points deducted from their remaining balance per action.
  5. Points that are purchased or received through our site will remain in the balance of an inactive account for up to 180 day after which they will all be deleted. Once the points are lost they can not be regained.
9) Payment Methods

Service fee payments are made in advanced; payment methods are displayed below.

  1. Credit card
  2. Postal/Bank transfers
  3. Rakuten ID
  4. BitCoin
  5. Rakuten Edy
  6. G-MONEY
  7. C-CHECK
  8. PayPal
  9. Third party service points
10) Email registration services
  1. Member registered to Angel Live can receive email updates, e-magazines and notifications which will be sent to their mobile devices or personal computers. Advertisements may also be included in the emails sent. Therefore, registered member have the option of adding themselves to our mailing list.
  2. Besides the information listed above members can also receive emails regarding their services.
  3. Memeber who want to unsubscribe from our mailing list must login and access their My Menu tab, then select the 'stop e-eagazine services' button, after which they must agree to be removed from the list.
11) Service Security and Responsibilities
  1. Our company takes all necessary measures to ensure that our services run smoothly however, in circumstances such as computer viruses, hacking, outdated equipment, connectivity abruptions, power outages, natural disasters, events, fires, and other unforeseen circumstances we are not responsible for the lost for Angel Live services.
  2. Members using our services agree that in regards to the contents of reliability, accuracy, degree of perfection, and benefits all must be decided by themselve therefore they take responsibility and use our services at their own discrepancy. Our company will not be held accountable for the contents of the performances that takes place.
  3. Our company will not insure any goods obtained through our services.
  4. Our company will not compensate for any late services, unfulfillment, sudden interruptions, and directly/indirectly acquired damages.
  5. In the event that our services suddenly stop we will take all measure to quickly restores service however, we will cannot guarantee the length of taken it takes.
  6. Our company may alter, limit or restrict certain services amongst each user.
  7. Our company takes maximum measures to ensure the security of our websites sites but, any viruses acquired through spam or hacking we are not responsible for the damages caused.
  8. Members will not be compensated for and troubles or damages that are acquired when accessing other networks via our services, we are not responsible for trouble that occurs with other sponsors or third parties.
12) Changes in services, interruptions and discontinuity
  1. For any of the following reasons our services may experience interruptions or sudden discontinuity.
    • ur energy provider cannot supply power or during construction that demands interruptions.
    • ur equipment experiences sudden malfunctions.
    • unavoidable reason occurs for our company.
  2. If any delay, interruptions, or sudden discontinuity occurs our company will not be held responsible for any damages that any members or third parties may acquire.
  3. For our benefit our company may make changes any section or the entire site without informing or receiving permission from our member, which may cause temporary interruptions in our services.
13) Service abolition
  1. Before discontinuing our site our company will contact all member ahead of time. This notice will come one month or earlier.
  2. If our services is abolished we will not be responsible for any damages that occur for any member or third parties.
14) Abuse

Members are not allowed to use any data or sector of our services for any third party businesses or personal businesses.

15) Wrongful usage
  1. Members that use our site are not granted any permissions to use any sectors of our site the personal reasons, also member are not allowed to plagiarize any sectors of our site as their own work.
  2. In the case that a problem occurs do the the violation of the agreement, our company may demand to the one responsible fees for damages.
16) Information Usage
  1. Our company reserves all right to the information and advertisements that are sent to members.
  2. Information the members register to us becomes our intellectual property.
  3. Our company will not release of our members personal information to any third parties without first receiving consent. However, information such at the user's ID, profile name and point status are not considered personal information and therefore other member may be able to confirm the information.
  4. Excluding the previously stated information our company may release the information of member to third parties whom we have a special agreement with based on the following:
    • We cannot understand the data received from a member, thus we will send it to a third party.
    • Documents received from members that are required by a third party for servicing our member.
    • member has granted permission to share its information.
    • Any other situations determined that are not mentioned above.
17) Restrictions
  1. Those who use our site will not commit any of the following actions.
    • Broadcasting or sharing our company secrets, violating privacy or publicity and committing infringements.
    • Share information with other member or third parties regarding our finances, human rights, or breaking our honor.
    • Others such as broadcasting or sharing information with other members and/or third parties that inflict losses/damages to our company.
    • Guiding other sites.
    • Transmitting or exchanging personal information.
    • Use our services for the purpose of meeting members.
    • Controlling our site.
    • Looking down the our trust.
    • Wrongfully using ID's and/or passwords.
    • Violating public policy.
    • Committing crimes or being linked to crimes committed.
    • Others such as breaking the law
    • Others such actions deemed inappropriate.
  2. If a member causes another member or third party any damages via our services that member will be held accountable and liable to pay any fees generated as a result as well as accept responsibility for the damages.
  3. Any relevant members that violate any of these terms and causes our company damages will be sought by our company for any fee that occur.
18) Deletion of Inappropriate Information

Any members found to have committed any of the previously stated restrictions may have their data as well as all personal information deleted without any prior notification.

19) Temporary ID Deletion or permanent ID deletion
  1. If a member is found guilty of committing any of the following our company may without prior notice temporarily or permanently delete their account.
    • Information requested by our company is discovered to be false.
    • A member reaches their limit for connections.
    • A request for a payment is neglected for 10 days or more.
    • A member abandons their responsibility for a payment of denies to make the payment.
    • A registered email address is inactive or changes are made such that it is of no longer use.
    • One member makes multiple accounts.
    • An ID or password is enter too many incorrect times.
    • An inappropriate act it committed towards one of our service members.
    • Via our services inappropriate acts are committed.
    • The agreement is violated.
  2. Upon a member's account being deleted prior to the deletion any monetary losses shall be paid for in one sum
  3. Any members that have had their accounts deleted shall not receive any refunds.
  4. Members who have committed any of the violations above and caused our company damages will have their account either temporarily or permanently deleted and in regards to the incident shall be sought after for the fees acquired.
20) Disclaimers
  1. Our company is not held accountable for any damages sustained through our services and we are not responsible for and fees generated.
  2. For members that have caused a third party damages via our services as the user they accept all responsibility and damages generated.
  3. In the event that a member violates the agreement or commit and crimes and causes our company damages, we will request lawful help and seek out compensation for any damages or fees that we receive.
21) Responsibility

Actions that contribute to the corrosion of public trust or the image of our site may be enough for us the use the force of a lawyer and seek monetary subsidy for our damages. If any data is required by a lawyer or the authorities for such a purpose it will be handed over immediately.

22) Law and Jurisdiction
  1. Any problems between our company and a member will be processed via Japanese Federal Law.
  2. Any conflicts or claims related to the agreement that are in violation as well will be sought out by the court for trial.
23) Agreement Limitations

This agreement is limited to the time-frame in which we offer our services.

2001年09月01日 制定・施行
2014年12月01日 改定