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STEP1:Sign in

Click the "SIGN IN" button at the top left of the top page and enter your e-mail address & password.

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STEP2:Choose your favorite girl

Choose your favorite girl from the online list on the top page.

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STEP3:Start a chat

Let's start a chat! Please enjoy best Japanese hospitality from Japanese girl.

* Attention *
We are sorry, most Japanese girls can't speak English or other language. They can speak only Japanese.
And the feature of chat rooms are written in all Japanese.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

System requirements

Windows XP, Vista, 7
1GHz or higher (Recommneded:1.5GHz or higher)
1GB or higher (Recommneded:1.5GHz or higher)
Web Browser
Internet Explorer 8 or higher FireFox 3.5 or higher Google Chrome
Flash Player
You need the latest version. Download >>
Internet Connection
Broadband connection with 1.5 Mbps (Recommneded:2 Mbps or higher)
*About Wireless(Wi-Fi)
If you are using wireless(Wi-Fi), there is possibility that the chat may be interrupted due to insufficient internet speed.
We recommend using a wired internet connection.

*About Windows8
You can probably enjoy this service on Windows8.
But unfortunately it's not guaranteed to work as effectively as other operating system.

*About Mac OS
You can probably enjoy this service on Mac OS X(10.4 or higher).
But unfortunately it's not guaranteed to work as effectively as other operating system.
We recommend using Firefox(3.0 or higher) or Safari(3.0 or higher).

Chat status

Party Chat
You can enjoy a chat with everyone(a girl and some men).
Peeping Mode
You can peep into the chat.
Private Chat
You can enjoy a chat between you and only a girl. No one else can participate in this chat.
And if you have a webcam connected to your PC, the girl can see you.



1. Chat status


Now you can chat with the girl.


You can join the chat.


You can't chat with the girl now. Wait a minute, please.


The girl is waiting for other man.

2. Icon, name(japanese) and age

  • Brand new girls … Brand new girls.
  • New girls … The girl was registered within a month.

3. The number of people in the chat room

4. Link to Peeping Mode.

*Per minute you spend 150points.